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Doghouse Esports is a descriptor. It describes an esports production team dedicated to expanding the field to a more diverse audience. It describes a push towards something greater than esports by helping animals in need. It describes a mindset of wholesomeness and genuine positivity that we all need more of in the world of competitive gaming. Most importantly though, it describes you: constantly working, growing, and striving to be the best possible versions of yourself.


Every day our staff is developing new ways to change the dynamic of esports production, from the local Florida scene to the national and major scene. We provide the best of both worlds: quality production with respect to the event's budget. We work with event organizers to create the exact experience they want their event-goers to have, including: advertisements before the event, active production staff during the event, instantaneous uploading of matches to our YouTube channel during the event, and analytics after the event. We want the best for your brand, because we’d want the same if we were in your shoes.


Our Staff

A Couple of Mutts

Ian Briggs




I've always loved animals and charity more than anything, but due to how difficult it is to find time to volunteer, I wanted to find a better way.

Because of this, I used my talents in esports broadcasting for good to raise money for animals in need.

Shyanne Solivan




My role is mostly to act as the "glue" at our events. I assist with production, set-up, organization, and equipment management. During events, you can catch me working the lights, managing our YouTube channel, and keeping our commentators updated and well hydrated.

Reia Drucker


Lead Programmer


I'm in charge of making sure that when we press buttons they actually do things. I design the software that makes the stream look as good as it does and makes it as easy to run as possible, because the less energy used working, the more energy we can use to pet puppers.

Francisco Suarez

Director of Photography


I do all the camera work for our events. I also help setup composition and some lighting for the cameras on the stage. I live tweet the pictures of players  I take during the event. Sometimes I post gifs of dogs too.

Russell Klein


PR Manager


I'm the Public Relations Manager for Doghouse Esports, as well as the on-staff TO for Doghouse Esports. I love Taco Bell.

Paula Valbuena

Graphic Designer


I'm Doghouse Esport's 2D graphic designer in charge of creating or updating logos. I love video games and petting cats and dogs.

Mika Monster



Oh my goodness. Have you seen this puppy? She's amazing. She graduated top of her class in basic training and is currently getting her degree in advanced training and she just oh my goodness, I love her so much. She was rescued from the Tricounty Animal Rescue!

Brianna Constable
Nikki Riddle

Product Designer


I'm the Doghouse Esports Product Artist. Lover of all things cute that just wants to make your waifus come to laifu. I have 3 cats that I love so much and my husband won’t let me get a dog

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